Customer Loyalty Appraisals?

Tbot:We all have heard a lot about employee performance appraisals and how effective it is in managing your work force. Yet, every company has its own loyal customers who trust and cooperate with you to assist in your entity development. So, as your best workers, your loyal customers should also be valued adequately and sufficiently. Such delighted customers will create positive word-of-mouth and help you in attracting new customers.
Mark Spance:Hi Tbot, Sorry, but seems like I didn’t catch the idea you wanted to express here. What is the question of this topic?


Moshe Levi:Is CRM tool of WorkforceTrack customizable?
Daniello Borjia: Yeah sure, you can always ask administration to customize it, for this you should contact them

CV gradation in HR section

Marg Fox: I think, when a project manager is hiring someone he will have to arrange CV and group them by preferrencies.
Sydney Show: Reply to Marg Fox: When hiring they just see your work experience which is in your CV. Then, If hired, they would keep it in employee profile. Didn’t get what you mean buy grouping and arranging CVs.
Georgis Mazarahis: hi Marg! i guess you need know more about project management . Go to the link, i hope you’ll be satisfied with the topic 🙂 it helped for many times
Michael Parker: Yeah you’re right, soooo what then, what would you like to ask from forum members. If you are interseted in project management click the link.

date tracking

Daniello Borjia:how to implement date tracking in Human Resource Management System of WorkforceTrack
PMil: just bu clicking related button, c’mon you can find it in HRM tool easily

difference between contact management and CRM

Yuriy Baranov: I need information on difference between contact management software and CRM. Thank you
Michael Parker: Contact management software is desgined for the purposes of managing contacts. There can be any contacts: customers, suppliers, auditors etc. Whereas CRM helps to communicate only with customers

Difference from competitors

PMil:What features does WorkForceTrack’s CRM tool has which differs it from its competitors?
Michael Parker: I think their price significantly differs ti from its competitors. Agree that several dollars is nothing in comparison to 50 or 60 buckses

differences of CRM

Thomas Scofield:As you know today we have lots of companies engaged in cloud computing solutions who offer CRM software. My question us what differs CRM tool of WorkForceTrack from the same tool of its competitors?
Shlomo: Actually WorkforceTrack has the same functionality as its competitors have, in my point of view the only and the most significant difference is that workforcetrack offers high quality solutions for very cheap price.

Different Roles

Ewan McFee:What is the difference between Administrator and Director? Did you see any difference? Lets share experience on this issue, as I know everybody in this forum has different positions. So what functions are available for you and blocked for your colleagues?
Mark Spance: Actually Administrator has more features than Director. I think Adminstrator is responsible for managing/tracking WofkforceTrack account, thus has more functions. Give me sometime and I will tell you what is the difference between them
Daine Manson: Hi Ewan I would describe in my understanding. The Director as a person who does all companies work and is responsible for all the stuff with full access (like owner), however, the administration is the person ho is bound to do the managing part and work with employee and also some paper work (like laying the all responsibility for staff on his shoulders), and limited in access to some areas of your Project. Hope I could help you.
Craig Rogers: Reply to Ewan Mcfee: I think Director has the full access on to the system and administrator is the one assigned by a director perform some tasks.
Sherzod Utkirkhojaev: Administrator has more functions available than for Director

Direct Marketing?

Frank Ross:Hello Workforcetrack Users! Do you think direct marketing is important for your marketing strategy? Is there direct marketing tool or service by WFT?
Tbot: Hello Frank! Of course, direct marketing is the fundamentals of your marketing strategy. When you are communicating with customers directly you better understand their needs and wants. Regarding direct marketing by WFT, they have email marketing tool by which you can send many email messages to your target customers.

effective HRM

Shlomohow do you think what should hr manager do in order to manage effectively. Share your thoughts.
Michael Parker: Use software that will organise his job and make it much easier

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