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Q&A with Suzie Blaszkiewicz GetApp Business Management Researcher


  1. Tell us how KPI did? has been a mainstay in GetApp’s Category Leader ranking of the top 25 Business Management solutions since the first ranking was published in July 2015. Scoring 11 points for both its reviews and its security, along with a 14 for its mobile availability, has been able to secure its spot in the top ten in Business Management for the fourth quarter running, showcasing its strong position once again in Q4 2017 among top-10 leaders.


  1. Why are customer reviews so important for software evaluation and selection?

Reviews aren’t only important for software evaluation and selection– consumers looking for any product are checking online user reviews before taking the plunge. Reviews, however, are especially important for software evaluation because investing in and implementing a software solution can be a time consuming and costly process. Cloud deployment makes it easier than ever before to set up software, but buyers still want the assurance that what they’re choosing is a good fit for their company. Being able to read user reviews to get a sense of how other companies of a similar size or in a similar industry have been using a product puts buyers one step closer to being able to accurately evaluate a piece of software for their own company.


  1. What makes Category Leaders a special tool for shortlisting software?

The software market is saturated, and new software options are popping up on a seemingly daily basis. In order for small businesses to be able to cut through the noise and find a product that’s right for them, they need help– our Category Leader ranking intends to do that. By highlighting key criteria of different products, software buyers can look at what’s important to them on a list with 25 leading software options to choose from. It gives enough variety to help buyers find what they’re looking for, but not too much so that the buyer becomes overwhelmed with options.


  1. What is the key criteria you use to assemble your Category Leader infographics?

We use five different data points to calculate a Category Leader score: user reviews, integrations, mobile compatibility, media presence, and security. Each data point helps to highlight an important factor that small businesses need to consider before making a software purchase. User opinion (reviews), compatibility (integrations and mobile), market popularity (media presence), and security are all important factors that a small business needs to consider before deciding on which software will best fit their needs.