What are the main problems of ERP users and how to solve them?

Deploying an ERP software for a business may be troublesome which may initially cause a lot of inconveniences but can later on bring you the long-term benefits. In this post, I will like to discuss three main problems which ERP users may face during the implementation process and try to offer some solutions to them.

  1. Getting support/training from the provider to implement the software

Once the ERP software is purchased, many of its users have problems understanding and finding the needed functions. In such cases, an ERP provider usually supports its customers with online support, email and even provide trainings for free. However, sometimes users don’t even know how to contact the support team and if they send an email, they wait some hours to get questions answered. As a result, the customer and its users loose time (a lot of time) deploying the software until they are fully familiar with the software. As you know, time is money!

What should you do in such cases?

– go to the website of your software and there you can find the Contact Us page.

– ask your administrator about the way how you can contact the support team of the software faster. Your administrator or CEO should have the contact details of the support people since during the evaluation process, ERP providers keep in touch with their potential customers.

– ask the support people to provide a demo training, if you find their user guides, blogs and videos not very helpful.

  1. Random glitches

Any software can have issues ranging from small, unnoticeable, to big annoying problems. For an ERP solution, even a small glitch can cause inconveniences and even delays in the business workflows.

What you should do?

– first of all, do not panic. Nothing is ideal. However, make sure that it is a malfunction and report it to the provider.

– After you report it, ask for other workarounds so that you can continue your tasks using the ERP software.

– Do not forget to get estimates on when the problem will be resolved.

  1. Need for a customization

Every business is special, so is yours. ERP providers cannot develop a global software that suits every business procedure. Sometimes, after implementing the software in your company, you find that you need something changed or something else developed as a new feature.  Customizations are usually chargeable, but the benefits of having a customized ERP software outweighs all the costs.

What can you do?

– before making a decision to go with a certain software, test it properly. You may not be able to check all the functions from scratch, however, take an advice from the provider about the costs of implementing a new feature.

– when the customization is approved by you and the provider, document it properly to be as detailed as possible. Documentation is done by the ERP provider.

– once the new feature is available, check all the points and make sure it meets your expectations.