July 2015 System Upgrades

Dear kpi.com users,

We are delighted to announce that KPI.com has launched its monthly upgrades. Improvements are made in Accounting&Finance, Payroll, HRMS, and Project Management modules, as well as in the system’s overall performance. We put our best effort to enhance existing features of the system and add new features according to our customers’ feedback and requests. We greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and goodwill as we do our best to improve the system overall, implement new features, and resolve the appeared issues as soon as possible.

Accounting & Finance

  • Manual Journals, Bills – Automation of recurring manual journal entries is now available through new Recurring option in Add Manual Journal Entry form. Users can also create recurring bills in new Recurring Bills section in Accounting tab.
  • Batch Payments – In Transactions tab, there is a new Invoice Payments section, where users can see the listing of all received payments, view the summary of a particular payment, and export to PDF. Unique numbering of payments is also enabled with customizability in Settings section.
  • Stock Valuation – Stock Valuation section is now placed in Product Summary page, where users can directly make necessary adjustments for the product. It is also possible to make adjustments for other products using the same page by indicating another product.
  • Balance Sheet, Trial Balance – Detailed information in Balance Sheet and Trial Balance now can be viewed in a more summarized way for a better insight using new Summary tick box in respective pages.


  • Basic Salary – It is now possible to create multiple basic salary categories and set different categories for different employees. Users can add new Payment Categories in Settings section by specifying code, name, and account to debit and credit.


  • Performance Appraisals – Now users can initiate Performance Appraisals for No-Access employees, in other words, managers can create Performance Appraisals for employees who do not use the system.


  • Task’s Actual and Estimated time – When actual time spent on a task reaches the estimated time, email notification will be sent to a project manager. Users can configure notification settings and create customized email templates.
  • Project Budget Sheet – The process of exporting to PDF is optimized for faster processing of large amount of data.