Updates to kpi.com | February 2015

Dear kpi.com users,

We are pleased to announce that kpi.com has launched its February upgrades for the modules such as Project Management, Accounting & Finance, Payroll and to overall system. In this month, we worked hard to reinforce current features that we have in the system. Also, taking into account our clients’ requests and feedback, we added new features to the former sections which help to track resources and expenses. Accordingly, we greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and goodwill as we do our best to implement new features and resolve the appeared issues as soon as possible.

Project Management

  • Waiting/rejected hours added to tasks/projects’ listing page – using this option users can easily track waiting/rejected hours from the tasks/projects listing page
  • Resource utilization tool is added to permission management – now users can manage accessibility of Resource utilization tool for employees and give access/limit employees to see resource utilization by department/project/supervised employees

Accounting & Finance

  • In Spend/Receive Money forms of Bank Accounts, Attachment option is added. Now users are able to attach necessary files to the forms while working with these features
  • In Products/Services listing page, new – Picture column added. Now users can see, if available, an attached image of a product/service by clicking on the ‘attachment’ icon of a respective product/service
  • Cost center track by Departments – In all transactions (Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, etc.), and in Spend/Receive Money forms of Bank Accounts, it is now available to specify a related department. Reports (Journal Report, Trial Balance, etc.) also include an option to generate transaction reports of only one specific department. This feature will be enabled by user’s request


  • New Single Payrun section is added in Payroll for users to try new Generate Single Payrun form. In addition to Employee, Pay method, Period, in this form, users can select Approver, specify Frequency, and set From and To dates. Expense table also added to detail an employee’s expenses
  • GOSI calculation is added to Payroll – good news for the Middle East users, now users can calculate GOSI payment based on the basic salary and payment categories of employee. To enable this payment, users should set pension schemes in Payroll settings (for employee and employer). Then fill out employee passport information in employee profile


New pricing package – now users can customize subscription package themselves and decide modules they will use and take advantage of several packages.