Updates to kpi.com | November 2014

Dear kpi.com users,

We are pleased to announce that kpi.com has launched its November upgrades and enhancements for the modules such as CRM, Accounting,  Project Management,  HR management system and Payroll . Accordingly, we greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and goodwill, as we are doing our best in implementing new features and enhancing existing features of the system. Below you can familiarize yourselves with some of major updates released this month.


Automation for contact – in this release of upgrades, we added a new automation rule for contacts. With this feature,  users are able to send automated email notifications, when a specific contact type changed, was updated, created or deleted..

Accounting & Finance

  • Sales invoice and Purchases invoice list in product view – now users can review how many products they sold and purchased from specific product with the sales invoice and purchase invoice tabs in product view form.
  • Accounting reports – in this release we updated our accounting reports’ user interface and now it is more attractive.

Project Management

We added a few batch options to task listing page which enable users to change several tasks’ details and reduce time for amending tasks’ information. You can familiarize with them in the following paragraph.

  • Set billable – with this option users will be able to select several tasks and change their type to billable or not billable.
  • Change Workstream of the tasks – using this batch menu, users can change several tasks’ Workstream.
  • Set priority – this option enables users to set and change priority of several tasks.


  • In this month we released a new option, which enables users to view uploaded  photo of employee  in the extracted PDF file.
  • Now while extracting employee profile in HRMS section and in the listing page users can see information about personal identity of the employee like: passport number, visa number and so on.  Users can add these columns through Customize button.


In the payroll section, we added a new feature to group Payrun option which enables users to utilize their expense claims. While running Group Payrun, users can see employee created expense claims and then include these expense claims to employee’s salary or deduct it from employee’s salary.