System Upgrades for September 2014

Dear users,

We are pleased to announce that has launched its September upgrades and enhancements for the modules such as Project Management, CRM, Accounting & Finance and Payroll. Accordingly, we greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and goodwill, as we are doing our best in implementing new features and enhancing existing features of the system. Below you can familiarize yourselves with some of major updates released this month.



Workflow for Cases – good news for active users of CRM section, now you can add a workflow to cases and automate your work processes with the cases. You can create tasks, set notifications and organize events when specific case has been added, changed, updated or deleted in the system. This feature helps users to automate recurring processes and task in the system.

Accounting & Finance

During this month we worked hard to enhance features that we have and added new features to give our customers convenient way to use the system. You can familiarize with these features in the following paragraph:

  • Expense Import function – we added a new feature that allows users to import their expenses from excel sheet in .CSV format. To import your expenses you can download our template and fill it with your data. Once you are done, you should match it with the system headers and save it.
  • In addition, we constantly changing reports’ user interface to new UI. For this month we changed Budget sheet and Profit & Loss reports. You can see changes in Accounting reports

Project Management

In project management section we released new filters which help to filter tasks by their start date/end date and actual start/end date. Also, if users have custom field with date type they can filter tasks by these custom fields.



  • Reject function for Cash Advance – with this feature users can review cash advances and if it is necessary a manager can Reject cash advance.
  • Frequency option in Group Payrun – now users are able pay employees’ wages for a different periods. Now they can pay salary for weekly, 2-4 weekly, monthly or annually periods.
For the upcoming month we are preparing new features and enhancements which we hope helps to efficiently operate business. Be tuned and be aware of new options in