Why kpi.com Timesheet?

• Easy/Editable Timesheet
• Automatic vs. Manual Approval
• Comprehensive Timesheet Report
• Employee Costs Calculated in Project Budget
• Controllable by Role

The Flow of the Timesheet and Approval process is simple.

Timesheet approval workflow



Employee goes to his/her timesheet and enters time (hours: minutes);   they can choose to indicate where they spent time, for example, in office, while traveling etc.  Comments can also be entered per time entry which will be easier for the manager to decide while reviewing.

If wrongly registered, the entry can be changed (if not approved yet).

Submit for approval

If Manual Approval is switched on, employees need to submit timesheet for project manager’s approval who will review and decide whether to approve or reject time entries.

If Automatic Approval is switched on, all time entries will be approved without the review of the manager.


Timesheet Report

There is a built-in timesheet report which is filterable and customizable including the option of exporting to PDF or Excel.

You can also generate your own timesheet report with graphs and special filters using the Reporting tool.

Project Budget

Project budget calculates employee costs both planned and actual. Planned costs are derived from estimated time and Actual costs are derived from approved timesheet.  Project Budget can also be used to calculate salaries for employees.

Timesheet Editor Role

You can assign a Timesheet Editor Role for a certain employee who will have full control over all employees’ timesheet and access it anytime. You can modify the access level of this role from Permission Management settings.


For more information, please see our wiki help at https://wiki.kpi.com  or contact us at support@kpi.com.