Give your customers and suppliers access to

Trust of customers and suppliers plays crucial role in running business effectively. With, users are able to increase transparency of projects work flow, tasks, documents as well as credence of financial operations for their customers and suppliers. The process is simple and requires just a few steps.

Customer access

In order to give access to customers, go to CRM>>Sales>>Accounts, then choose specific account and go to Contacts menu item.

Contacts in accounts CRM section

When you select Contact, you will see details of the primary contact of this customer. At the top of the page click More and choose Enable access.

 Enabling Customer access

Customer’s primary contact will get an email with an activation link to the system. After successful activation, contact will be able to see projects, tasks, sales invoices, news and documents related to the customer.

  • Supplier access

To enable supplier access to the system, go to Accounting & Finance>>Supplier Center
Supplier's contact

Choose particular account, and then enable access to the supplier’s primary contact the same way as we did for customer contact.

  • Permission Settings

Moreover, users can give additional permissions with the Permission Management in Settings.

Permission management settings 

Users can give some additional permissions to clients and suppliers or vice versa – limit their access. In order to control permissions you just need tick or untick appropriate box under “Client” or “Supplier” role column.

Client and supplier permissions

For instance, in order to give permission to view sales quote list, you need to tick the box, located at the intersection of Sales Quote List row and Client column. Or in order to forbid sales quote deletion, you should untick the box located at the intersection of Sales Quote Delete row and Client column. Settings will be saved automatically, and your clients will be able to see sales quotes list but won’t be able to delete any sales quote.