System Enhancements for June 2013

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to announce that has launched its June upgrades for the modules such as Workspace, Project Management, CRM, HR Management System, Financials and Payroll. Accordingly, we greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and goodwill as we do our best to implement new features and resolve the appeared issues as soon as practical.


The Beta Workspace has been available for almost two months now for our users to compare its functions with the older version of Workspace. At the moment, the Beta Workspace can be set as default. For those who want to activate this option please, contact your Support Manager.

Project Management

There have been two foremost and three accessory upgrades within the Project Management module requested by users as well as QA professionals.

Gantt Chart, a very handful tool, is used for planning projects and ensuring efficient project delivery. has designed the Beta Gantt Chart with some enhancements and new options that are slightly different to the prior one. Users of this feature are now able to import MS Project files not changing the order of the file content. They can also export the Gantt Chart in Excel format that is located on the top panel.

In Tasks section, most users need to remove the unnecessary and redundant information from an information stream using the Task Filter option. Since this is one of the key functions, decided to apply some improvements to it. You can filter two kinds of options on Task Status such as the Assignee status and Overall status.

The accessory upgrades include:

  • As a project manager, you can manage the project status through Permission Management.
  • All project related tasks can be assigned to a recently created employee preventing you from doing it manually.
  • All users in the system are able to create public, internal and private notes in Tasks section.
  • The Client Contacts list is now visible on the Task View page. Project associated employees are now able to send notifications to their clients. To manage this option, refer to the Permission Management.


In CRM Module, you can observe two changes in Note and Case Management sections. A special widget has been designed for CRM Note Management and user can leave three kinds of notes: private, for company employees only, and public. The department panel has been added in Filter option in Case Management section. The CRM Upgrade release also contains several other improvements.


We upgraded Financials module with a few new features and enhancements.

Our new features:

  • Add Product Images – Now you can upload product images and see them in Product Summary form.


  • Assembly Item improvements
    You can add Other Charges and Service Items into Assembly Items section as well. Built Assembly Item can be broken back into stock easily.
  • Bank Transfer between Multi currency bank
    Exchange rate feature is added to Bank Transfers between bank accounts with different currency. You can receive/spend money form from/to other bank accounts by converting the amounts.
  • PayPal Link added to Sales Invoice
  • Convert into Invoice partial received items
    Now, the purchase order for partial received items can be converted into invoice and not received amounts of the remaining can be closed.

HR Management System

In this upgrade month, no major change has been implemented to HR Management Module. Yet, one small enhancement has been done for employee Leave Request (LR) Approval Manager. Once the project manager has approved the LR that an employee submitted, he/she is now able to review the summary page for the Approved LRs.

Documents Management

The Documents Management module has been enhanced envisioning much clear database of several kinds of document folders. There is a Public Folder that contains all kinds of files uploaded by company employees, clients and contacts. Users are now able to create new folders in Public folder.


Google Gadget is recognized as a “Have it your way” tool that assists you to add a case, task, sales quote and others directly on your Google Inbox. After the system upgrade, you are able to link a specific mail to the existing case, task, quote, opportunity etc. which prevents from redundancy.