Leads vs. Opportunities (Part I)


Hello all,

I hope you are enjoying your experience with kpi.com! As many wonder about the difference between Leads and Opportunities, today I will attempt to show you the fine line between the two and mostly focus on how to make the best use of Leads within the scope of kpi.com.

In business terms, individuals that might be interested in the products or services you offer are defined as Leads or Prospects. Although some can argue these two terms do not always coincide in terms of phases, we have only used the former as potential client contacts.


There are four different ways for certain contacts ending up as Leads in your CRM:

  • Lead capture forms– One of the web form types that is used in landing pages to convert web site visitors into Leads
  • Message Center– If the sender is not already registered as CRM contact, the system automatically adds them as new leads
  • Add New button– New leads can be manually added to the system using the Add New button on the CRM Lead management page. With the drop-down menu, you can add a single lead, multiple leads or add your existing leads to mailing lists
  • Lead import– To batch add your lead contacts, save your excel file as .csv and click on import button on the Lead management page. Instructions on how to import CSV format files into kpi can be found on our wiki page

Once you have all your Leads gathered in the CRM section you can:

  • Assign to the sales people
  • Manage the status (contacted, junk lead, lost lead, etc)
  • Add different activities (logging a call, scheduling an event, adding a task, etc)
  • Look up on Google Search or Hoovers Profile
  • Convert*
  • Send Sales Quote/Invoice
  • Add to mailing lists
  • Download the summary as pdf file
  • Edit/Delete


*- Eventually, if you are lucky, your Leads will be pre-qualified thus can be converted to Contacts and while doing so you can choose to create an Opportunity for that Lead. Dealing with the Opportunities is a whole different story and I will discuss it in more details in my next posts. So stay tuned!