April System Enhancements

We perform System Upgrade to enhance the level of service for our customers; below are the most notable new features and updates from the April Upgrade:

Project Management

There have not been major changes within this section but we have introduced minor features requested by some users.

Timesheet- when submitting or reviewing the hours for approval you can not only group by project, employee and client, but also can you now group by dates. This allows the user to clearly see timesheet entries by separate dates.

We have optimized project related email notifications- now your custom fields will also appear. Besides, task status and completion status columns have been added to Project Work-Break Down structure. Last but not least, Zip Code field has been included in Location.


Accounting team has spared no effort to introduce new features and enhance the existing ones, below you can familiarize:

New Features

  • A standard set of Terms & Conditions for all Purchase Order/Invoices
    Now you can set a standard Terms & Conditions for all Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • Fixed Asset & Purchase order relation

Fixed Asset now can easily be related to a Purchase Order


  • Advanced Journal Entries
    Manual journal entries are upgraded and as a result, Customer and Supplier balances can easily be manipulated
  • Linkable Transaction Data
    Trial Balance, P&L, and Balance Sheet transaction data are now linkable and guide to the Account Transaction list
  • Trial Balance Upgrade
    To enhance the usability, beginning and ending balance have been included
  • Quickbooks Integration Upgrade
    Major User Interface changes and printable logs have been introduced


No major changes here either, but we want to ensure you that there have been major optimizations related to Message Center. Email fetching spell is shortened- now the messages are fetched within pre-defined intervals specific to each account.

Also, some email addresses undesirably ended up in black list, where users do not receive emails from the system, due to certain automatic criteria. To solve the problem, we have removed auto-black listing, now email addresses can only be added manually.

Finally, when sending a text message via Clickatell, messages can be sent from your name if defined.


Mini calendar in “My Attendance” now displays week-ends, public holidays and approved Leave Requests.
By requests received from our Middle East based customers, a new field for Visa Expiration Date has been added in Employee Profile. Users can also set email reminders right below it.

Overall in the System

There is good news when it comes to overall changes!

Warning Message- Now you do not have to worry about your account being inactive due to license expiration- warning message will appear on top of the screen when you log in and moreover, you will receive periodical email notices starting from a month in advance.

Live Help- If you face a problem or you have a quick question while using the application you are a click away from directly speaking to one of our supportive agents. Just click “Live Chat” button next to “Send Feedback” and have your questions answered right away!