March system updates


We perform System Upgrade to enhance the level of service for our customers; below are the most notable new features and updates from the March Upgrade:

Project Management

Multiple Timer function has been introduced. Just select Tasks you have been assigned to and run timer for each task. For your comfort we have added Auto Save function, so whenever you tap the Stop button it automatically saves under your Tasks field and always can be retrieved with Timesheet Report tab → Workstream

In Email Templates sections we added Project/Task Number personalization attributes, so now you can accurately put respective Project/Task Numbers in email notifications without hassle.

Customizable Date Format introduced to all sections of the Project Management tool. Select the format you want to use, whether it’s dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy, 1:15 a.m. or 13:15 or other, and build effective progress checking.


Manual Foreign Exchange Rate configuration has been unveiled. imports real-time Foreign Exchange Rates data automatically from European Central Bank and uses it as basis for running clients businesses. Now clients can choose from both options and customise their business as needed.

Serial Number Expiration Period added. Add Expiration Date to the products and be able to monitor subsequently whether they have expired or not by searching with the product serial number.

Paypal payment integration enhanced. Send invoices, receive payments via Paypal account and do not worry about account balances, the system automatically downloads all necessary data and makes respective amending to the general ledger.

Customer Balance emailing feature launched. See Receivables/Prepayments from the customer on the right-hand sidebar and email it to the client just by clicking the button.

General Custom Field has been added to the Product and Services page. If you want to add description to the group of products or highlight the feature which has multiple offerings, this feature will be handy.

Stock Adjustments Log started. Now you can see the history of who has added/edited the products and listings and run proper tracking.


The Leads list Time Zones further divided into States/Regions. So now, instead of just indicating country of the Lead/Contact you can define from which state he or she is, so you can schedule your follow-up phone calls without worrying about disturbance at non-office hours.

Calendar in both CRM and Workspace sections has been made customizable. If your business week begins on any other day than Monday, then you can amend it in the Settings tab, so that the set day (the first day of your business week) appears first on the calendar matrix grid.


We have introduced Chinese characters support to the system. Now users from China can enjoy generating Performance Appraisals and other business correspondence using traditional and simplified Chinese characters.

For those who are planning to work on Sundays or pre-determined public holidays (you can define holidays on settings tab) and need to schedule it on timeslot, we have added Custom field down below Weekdays Timeslot, so you can add it up easily.

We have customized so you can select now who will be approving leave requests or leave it blank to reset it to defaults: HR Manager and Director.