Updates to Kpi.com | January 2013

Dear kpi.com Users,

We are pleased to announce that kpi.com implemented new features and changes related to Project Management, Accounting, CRM, and the overall system. Below you can familiarize yourselves with some of the major ones.


Security– To make your data less prone to hacking and other security vulnerability issues, we have introduced number of changes to the password set-up. Now the system does not allow users to set passwords either weak and/or less than 8 characters. Moreover, we have also improved the password encryption from the security point of view.

Supplier Access– As you know, users can enable limited access for their Clients; after January system upgrade your Suppliers can also have limited access to kpi.com.


In the Project Management Section of kpi.com most of the major changes focused reinforcing the recently added features from the previous system upgrade.

Project Filtering– Previously we enabled choosing multiple backup managers for a project, now you can easily filter projects by the back-up managers.

Task filtering– Speaking of filtering, if you noticed, in our previous upgrades, we introduced the functionality to add tasks without assigning employees. Now you can filter those unassigned tasks and delegate effectively.

Timesheet Reminder- Last but not least, you can send the timesheet reminders immediately with the “Send Now” button introduced in this Upgrade.


Progress Invoicing– Whilst some projects require single invoice, others might require that you submit monthly progress invoices (partial billing) over the course of months or even years. Users already had option to parially bill by percentage, and now you can send partially invoices by line items.

Attachments to products/services– Now you can attach documents such as product/service brochures and have them displayed neatly.

Commission split in Sales Quotes– kpi.com users can now assign commission rates to products & services, as well as track, and split commissions in sales quotes.


To find out more about above mentioned changes feel free to contact us!

Sincerely yours,