Updates | November 2012

We made a few changes to the Project Management, CRM, Financials and Documents modules in this month. The major modification is that you can now use Google Gadget Gmail application with using the options as creating cases, leads, contacts, tasks and sales quote. We would like to introduce to you the new monthly updates.

Project Management

This month we have done a number of changes in PM section:

  1. Multi-Backup Managers for Projects. The working hours submitted by employees to the upper management will be approved on time.
  2. Workstream Generic Numbering. All Workstreams now have their own sequence number. The numbering options can be configured through Project Settings.
  3. Project Number in dropdown. This is available in Workstream, Issues, Multitask, and Task features.
  4. New: Copy Task option. This function is useful for users who create tasks of one type.
  5. Issue Management Enhancements:
  •   New UI
  •   Unpractical columns have been removed
  •   Multi-assign function
  •   Projects in dropdown
  •   Linked to the Tasks section
  1. Timesheet improvements. Not working days as Holidays will be seen in Red while full day Leave Requests in Blue.
  2. Function for Per Request only: Client approves Timesheet hours. Once you have an access to this function, you need to use the Permission Management panel for clients’ approval or rejection of timesheet working hours for assigned projects.
  3. Timesheet Reminder option. We have added another option in Timesheet Settings to set a default reminder for a company.

CRM Enhancements

New Option: Mass SMS Sender. To use this feature, you need to setup a provider account. For more information using this new feature, you can contact with Support Manager.

Financials & Payroll

  1. Per Request only: True Multi-Currency Support. Track bank accounts, customer, supplier balances in multi currencies.
  2. New UI and Split buttons in Sales Invoice, Sales Order and Purchase Orders.
  3. Flexible product creation. Multi-level product groups and assembly items can be created easily.


Edit Mode function is enabled for documents linked to My Google Docs.


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