Enhanced features to Kpi.com after LIVE Upload | October 2012

Changes for October

Coming up the system upgrade will please multi-company managing users and introduces more security options. Apart from it, the system upgrade is addressing minor enhancements and bug fixes that we reported/requested by our users.

Project Management Module:

The latest updates for kpi.com Project Management include:

Enabled for all users

  1. Additional Checkbox for user convenience – Show tasks added from the “To-Do List” panel in the Timesheet
  2. Warning Popup Message. All user when editing tasks forgot clicking on the Save button. However, after Live Upload such users will see the popup message warning them to save the task form.
  3. Hour Type in Timesheet. While inserting the worked hours in Timesheet, you were supposed to enter the hours you worked and comment on the task done. Now, you can also choose the type of hour from the dropdown.

Features Per Request

  1. Managing user access on viewing the Tasks List. Managers can now set three types of permissions for this very page:
    • Show all tasks
    • Show unassigned tasks
    • Show only assigned tasks

    This feature will be enabled per request from kpi.com Database.

CRM Updates:

kpi.com CRM Module has recently been updated to include the following changes:

Enabled for all users

  1. The PDF Profile has been updated. The default PDF in Action dropdown has been changed on Lead, Contact and Case sections.
  2. Draft Messages in Message Center. To view the draft messages, you need to setup your MC first and then, click on the Draft button that is located on the left panel.
  3. New “Copy/Clone” Function. This feature has been designed for sections as Contacts, Lead, Accounts and Opportunities.
  4. New UI for CRM Web Forms.

Financials & Payroll:

October new features in kpi.com Financials & Payroll include:

Enabled for all users

  1. Apply Customer/Supplier Negative Balance as credit to invoice

Per request

  1. Scaling calculations to 3 decimal point and more for Arabic countries.
  2. Multiple Currency
  3. QB Integration

HRMS Updates:

Updates list for HR Managers of kpi.com HRMS Module:

Enabled for all users

  1. New UI for Leave Request
  2. Leave Request enhancements.The new options in LR are as follows:
    • LR Attachments
    • Additional notification to coworkers
  3. Adding custom fields. The custom fields can be added to Project, Department, Personal, Business and Company goals.
  4. New “Add Notes” option to all goals.
  5. Candidate custom field option has been added.