Updates to Kpi.com for August

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Changes for August 4

Enhancements to the kip.com suite for August summary: PM Module options for a variety of start of the week days, Timesheet closed tasks, the addition of a copy button for lists in CRM, merging of notes in CRM with PM notes, memorized transactions and an add-ons library in Accounting. Full details for August enhancements below.

PM Module:

  1. Timesheet – Week start Saturday, Sunday and Monday option added to PM settings
  2. Timesheet Show closed tasks in timesheet at least for current week (in Timesheet settings)
  3. Timesheet reminder changes – timesheet required employee option


  1. “Copy” button for contact/lead/account/case/opportunity lists
  2. Add new role Customer Service manager – to see all cases list
  3. Negative SLA
  4. Note Manager (CRM Note merged with PM Note)


  1. Memorized Transactions in Journal Entry
  2. Sub-accounts feature in Chart of Accounts
  3. Terms feature in Sales Invoices and ability to tie terms when adding customers
  4. Add-ons library in Accounting Settings


  1. Recruitment
  2. Validate Annual Leave Allowance Limit when adding Leave Requests


  1. Add “All files” feature to Documents section – to show user’s all files which has permission to view
  2. Link to existing documents option
  3. Timesheet report – Show zero hours option


  1. Settings section role permissions