July 2012 Update for kpi.com

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Kpi.com features update

User Feedback and requests submitted to Kpi.com enable us to move more quickly toward an all-encompassing distribution model. July saw Kpi.com’s applications gain in popularity because of  improved scalability and ease of deployment.  We’re continually working to ensure the best user experience possible and to meet the needs of our users.  Here’s July’s enhancements to the kpi.com suite:


  1.  Link to existing google docs (2 way integration with Gdocs) Improvement to show folders from google and search bars in popup.
  2.  Custom Free trial days option to Partners
  3.  Arabic localization sample styles
  4. Dutch localization

In Project Management:

  1. Project List – show Add Budget Income, Cost, Profit, Difference columns from Project budget
  2. Generic numbering settings for Projects and Tasks
  3. Resource planning and utilization features


  1. “Assign case to department” option


  1. Project Based Invoice Include Expenses
  2. Option to Delete functionality in every transaction (PO (Received, Converted), Credit Note linked to an Invoice. Sales Invoice, Fixed Assets)

We upgraded Accounting & Finance with new features and enhancements:

    • Sub-accounts support in Chart of Accounts
    • Pay suppliers via Check
    • Memorized transaction in journal entry
    • Packing Slip
    • Transaction history
    • Customer Terms feature
    • Improved customer, supplier and products import via CSV
    • Add-ons library in Accounting Settings


With August 2012 system upgrade, you are now able to add sub-accounts for better organization of your chart of accounts.

Pay suppliers via Check

At kpi.com, you can pay your supplier balances via writing Check and allocate to purchase invoices/bills

Memorized Transaction

Journal entry adding is now more powerful. Now you can memorize your journal entries and run them just by selecting entry name (narration)

Packing Slip

Within Sales Invoices you can now print invoice PDF as well as Packing slip.

Transaction history

Ever wonder who edits your transactions, and have to ask your employees? Not anymore, with transaction history, you can easily see transaction logs in every form.

Customer terms

Now you can add customer terms, e.g., Net 10, 30, etc and tie your terms to customers.

Improved Customer, Supplier and Products

We know it was not an easy task to import your customers, suppliers and products into kpi.com, but no longer. You can now take advantage of robust and yet quite simple import form.

Add-ons library

If you want to extend your functions at kpi.com you are welcome to check-out our new add-ons library.

 Useful tip (Shortcuts)




Create Sales Quote

Alt + q

Alt + Shift + q

Create Sales Invoice

Alt + i

Alt + Shift + i

Create Purchase Order

Alt + o

Alt + Shift + o

Create Purchase Invoice

Alt + p

Alt + Shift + p

Create new item

Alt + t

Alt + Shift + t

Create Expense Claim

Alt + w

Alt + Shift + w

Chart of Accounts

Alt + a

Alt + Shift + a

Customer Center

Alt + c

Alt + Shift + c

Supplier Center

Alt + s

Alt + Shift + s

Add manual transaction

Alt + m

Alt + Shift + m


  1.  Overtime from Timesheet or In/OUT hours can be added to Annual Leave Hours


  1.  Gmail Gadget for tasks