Finding the Right Microsoft Project Alternative

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Are you the owner of a small to medium sized enterprise that needs good project management software to help you manage your project estimates, costs, budgeting, timetable and planning? Many small to medium sized businesses think that the only software they can use to manage their projects is Microsoft Project, but that’s not the case.

SME’s needing Project Management Software turn to the cloud solution

There are many project management software solutions on the market that can meet your needs as well or better than Microsoft Project.

A great alternative to Microsoft Project is a project management program by has developed a software-as-a-service (SaaS) online project management software package that can meet all of your project management needs, and your employees can use it wherever they have an Internet connection.

Enter has made that possible by running the program online as a subscription service which means there’s no downloading the program to each machine you wish to run it on. It’s available online and accessible through any standard browser. All you have to do it login, and you only pay for the number of people using the system. Not to mention, adding new people is as simple as increasing the number of logins you have available.

By contrast, Microsoft Project is not available everywhere you and your employees are physically located. It has to be loaded onto each machine individually, and each machine has to have an expensive license, which means the more machines you install it on, the more expensive Microsoft Project becomes. Microsoft Project is also not sharable without the additional purchase of Microsoft Project Server, and if you’re out of the office, you won’t be able to update or manage your projects via Microsoft Project. It can only be used in the office on your local Intranet. That’s not very convenient with today’s modern mobile workforces.

Training and Deployment

There’s also a steep learning curve with Microsoft Project that could take you and your employees weeks or even months to fully learn. That’s not good for productivity since you’d be paying your employees to learn the program rather than paying them to be more productive by using the program, and it could even make your employees less productive throughout the day because they are taking time out of their hectic work schedules to learn a new and very complex software program.

Kpi’s project management software is easy to use and easy to learn. It allows your employees to quickly add a project and add tasks to that project as well as manage all the complexities of the project including the projected and actual budget, the people involved and the timetable for completion of the entire project and the individual tasks. It even comes with a free seven day trial, so that your employees can login and learn the program before you make a final decision and pay.

Kpi’s project management software is the perfect option for small to medium sized businesses. It has a short learning curve. It’s available everywhere you have an internet connection, and it’s affordable since you only pay for the number of people using the system. Sign ups in August also get a free website, see our recent post on our August promotion here.