The rise of the Web-Based Enterprise System Alternative for SMBs

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Reporting on tap!

Imagine a software system with which a manager can pull out a report and see a complete dashboard of accounting status, production, strategy and external changes to take into account. This is the dream of any manager who wants to be able to control information in a business that keeps multiple databases on activity. Unfortunately, while connecting all these databases is possible, it’s usually very expensive. Most businesses have heard of this solution; it’s called an enterprise system.

Deliverability -v- budget

Because of cost, many small and medium-sized businesses are traditionally priced out of having anything remotely similar to the above description. They instead have to settle for home-cooked remedies, some which work remarkably well, or buying various systems and hop-scotching them together. Either way, growth or the incompatibility problems eventually catch up and make the substitution far more difficult to maintain.

Even large company enterprise systems don’t always deliver either. While many vendors and in-between consultants make lots of promises, actually making an enterprise system work on a customized platform takes a lot of work, mistakes, tests and accepting of limitations that some goals will not be met with what has been bought.

However, the idea of integrating various company activities into a “dashboard” view for proactive monitoring and effective control is not impossible. In fact it is very possible. has such a system and can help a small or medium business operate like a large one with an integration of customer relationship management records, accounting, project management, personnel, website transactions and strategy. The most unique aspect of’s system is that the client doesn’t have to go through the hassle of installing software. Instead, the system is entirely web-based.

The idea of complete integration of a business’ data is the holy grail of today’s management effectiveness. Proper data management means staying ahead of the curve, especially when business data is able to provide patterns and behavior by which predictions can be made for future activity. Statisticians have known this fact for centuries. However, developing an actuarial skill is not everyone’s forte’. With’s website system support, managers can make up for a lack of expertise by letting be the “statistician” and using the results from the valuable reports available.

About’s Enterprise System

With small and medium-sized businesses without the means to engage regular enterprise planning can have all the same benefits on’s web-based platform. Management can have the same corporate 500 level intelligence some of the best blue-chip companies try to manage today through their own enterprise means. And for the accounting side, the cost is minimal compared to traditional approaches. Kpi’s platform is a win-win for smaller operations, all the way around. offers businesses away around a fundamental cost problem. It’s worth taking advantage of, and the involvement with a business’ core systems is minimal. All input is on the Internet, leaving core systems untouched. No entanglement, no software installation, no mess. It’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy the benefits of enterprise control without the technical complexities. Visit; find out the details.