June 2012 Update for kpi.com


Write a Check

With June 2012 system upgrade, we are ready to integrate your checks into our system. All you need to do is to provide your check format to us, and leave the rest to us.

New Project Budget Sheet

Looking for a flexible, monthly project budget and track their variances? With this system upgrade you can easily set up your project budget and compare against monthly actual data.

Product Serialization

If you want to track your product serials, this feature is just for you. Add your product serials when receiving and assign them to the ones leaving your stock, and track via a special report.

Letter Format

Now you have an option to choose between A4 and Letter format invoices. Go to Settings->Invoice settings and give it a try.

Reporting System

After all your efforts of data input, it is time to enjoy and generate variousreports to help you with decision making. Check out the new reportslibrary; add selected reports to your favorites list. But if you need more, contact our support team, and send your requirements and leave the rest to us.


Add custom fields to your storefront

Multiple warehouse

If you need multiple warehouse management, contact our support to enable this add-on to your company


Mass mailing attachements

Now it is possible to attach files for messages in mass mailing section. Attach any tipes of files including images, documents, spreadsheets etc.


It is possible to make reports based on the information provided by the user in the system. Depending on the preferences of the user reports range between several types therefore providing clear representation and summary.


Download file

You can share your files with any users via the internet providing a link generated by the system. There is no need to enter the application in order to access your files.

Project Management

Project budget

Now budget sheet is available with better user interface which is easy to navigate and work. Budget sheet with improved UI is available at “Project budget” section.