Close More Deals in Less Time CRM Solution is a better way to connect to your leads, contacts and customers

The most effective way to connect Leads, Conversions and Customer Service

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the backbone of any business, large or small.’s CRM module utilizes technology to organise, automate and synchronise marketing, customer service, sales and technical support. From initiating a new project, engagement, execution and billing each and every step of a transaction is recorded and form an integral part of the CRM flow. In fact CRM is purpose built for consultation companies, which integrates and keeps a track of clients and contacts while being synchronised with Google’s calendar and mail apps. CRM gives users an ability to manage:

  • Leads – Generate leads, indicate assignees, set status, add related activities, cases, and emails
  • Opportunities – Manage information of potential clients, related activities, cases, sales quotes and more
  • Campaigns – Plan a marketing campaign to work with potential and existing customers, set budget cost, start and due dates
  • Activities – Manage CRM activities and events
  • Contacts – Manage all contacts, categorize, log a call, add event or activity related to a contact, and more
  • Accounts – Centralized management of all accounts in the system
  • Cases and Solutions – Manage cases, set assignee and resolver, prioritize, register solutions and more
  • Message Center – Manage email messaging activities, including mass mailing
  • Calendar – Use Calendar to manage time and date of activities and events, categorize, and synchronize with Google Calendar


Why's CRM?

Using’s CRM application will enhance client case management and functionality of your business model, as it integrates seamlessly with all other functions, which gives you a clear perspective of all vital areas of business, while improving cost-efficiency. All interactions are stored and can be shared from establishing first contact, initiating a quote, sending proposals, project implementation, creating a purchase inventory, product delivery, shipment etc.

For a sales manager CRM’s cloud based apps offers real time access to team activities, which helps in achieving and forecasting sales targets accurately. Managing customer information is much easier and it improves client interaction. Using the mass mailer tool helps connect to prospective clients for marketing. It also makes it easy to track sales conversions generated from marketing campaigns.’s CRM tool provides easy tracking of leads and sources, while providing real time information to sales team members and generating data for analysis to further improve a business’s profitability.Lead’s CRM consists of 4 basic modules, which are, sales, customer service, email marketing and web forms. Being unique integrated solution, the software allows sales people to generate leads using web forms and mass mailing tool, eventually converting them into sales opportunities and handling them with customer service tool.

Integration with other modules

Being seamlessly integrated with Accounting, Finance, Project and Case Management enhances functionality, sales, client interaction and improves delivery times.’s CRM tool comprises key functions including sales, customer service, email-marketing and web forms among others modules. As the entire application is integrated it assists in generating sales  through web forms and mass mailing, while all sales conversions are dealt with efficiently through the customer service module

Benefits of CRM

  •    Generates sales leads resulting in higher conversions
  •    Improves customer satisfaction while increasing sales
  •    Automated process enhances employee efficiency
  •    Secures key data and offers anytime access
  •    Helps to formulate a targeted marketing strategy while increasing profitability