Financials and Inventory

Financials and Inventory


Financials and Inventory at is easy to use, yet comes in bundle with a lot of powerful features, well built into its intuitive web interfaces. It also offers management data that streamline your company transactions in meaningful reports. But, you are not confined to preset reports, as you can go way beyond by using Reporting system that comes for free.


From you can create Sales Quotes, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices; attach documents and email your customers in one of our invoice templates. Should you already have your own invoice format, we can easily screw in for you.

At, there are a variety of invoice types you can utilize beyond issuing simple sales invoices. Like you can, with one click, convert a sales quote to progress invoice, also called as partial billing or a percentage of completion billing. You can also charge your customers for expenses you incurred with or without your margin.

Furthermore, you can create recurring (repeating) invoices, that system will be notifying your customer(s) at times, intervals specified.

Financials and Inventory


At you can easily create Purchase Orders and Purchase Invoices and email your orders to suppliers and it is that easy. Though, you will find a lot more functionality that takes your business one level up. From within your purchase orders, you can allocate transportation, insurance, etc expenses that your business incurs while receiving items. So you can calculate better profit margins without falling back onto spreadsheets and manual entries.

Financials and Inventory

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Tool allows Managers and Accountants to manage inventory/stock tracking, production planning, sales and distrubution cost management and purchases/sales order management activities.

Moreover, this tool also includes an Invoice Tracking feature for sales people and business professionals to check their sales and purchase invoices.

As you see our system is flexible so that users are able to set measures, categories and other features according to their own individual needs. Also you will find that company sales/purchase order management systems and suppliers data management are also available for our clients.
Another feature of the tool is Warehouse Management Section which helps users track their goods and raw materials in the store and they can easily have inventory reports by received and issued dates.

Customer and Supplier Center

At you can create different types of products, be it services and items; adjust stock on hand, create BOM (Bill of Materials). And If you are you looking into inventory management beyond stock on hand, need a better cost representation, more precise Gross Margin, then represents your inventory with better stock valuation using FIFO (First-in-First Out) method. KPI Accounting covers comprehensive range of transactions in Stock Valuation as it goes beyond simple sales and purchases, and extends to sales returns and purchase returns as well.

From Customer, Supplier centers you can easily track customer, supplier balances, print out their reports and always stay on top on unpaid bills and invoices.


Financials and Inventory

There are many accounting related built-in reports inside the

You can use pre-built reports to see your budget or forecast reports, journal reports, trial balance, profit and lost, balance sheet, account and manual transactions, stock valuation and many more.

Financials and Inventory

Sales Quote & Invoices

Financials and Inventory

Short Cuts

Instead of clicking on the screen, you can create a new sales quotes and invoices with few key strokes. For example, ‘Alt+Q‘ will take you to the “create new sales quote” screen. There are many functionali-ties through out the system can be accessed with keyboard short cuts.

Financials and Inventory

Creating Sales Quote and Invoices

Financials and Inventory

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